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Nulon E10 Engine Additive 300ml (E10-300ML)

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Worn Engine Treatment

Nulon Worn Engine Treatment (E10) is specially formulated for engines that display definite wear characteristics such as fuming, bearing or valve train noise, piston slap, piston wrist pin noise and poor performance due to general mechanical wear.

Nulon E10 contains PTFE and other performance additives to reduce wear, which in turn slows down the rate of wear within an engine. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the primary ingredient in Nulon E10, exhibits extremely low co-efficient of friction. PTFE circulates with the engine oil and acts as a boundary lubricant between the metal surfaces.

Nulon E10 Worn Engine Treatment with P.T.F.E. reduces oil consumption, helps restore cylinder compression and promotes a quieter smoother engine. The protective shield created by P.T.F.E extends the life of worn petrol, turbo and LPG engines. Use E10 Worn Engine Treatment with every oil change to enhance the protection oil alone provides.


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